£160,000 in 90 Minutes.

£160,000 in 90 Minutes.

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That was quite simply one of the best sales pitches I have ever seen.

A couple of years ago I packed my bags and hopped on the train to London to spend 3 full days with some of the smartest, richest and best sales people in the world at the Small Business Success Summit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was under no misconceptions of how the event would be. Having paid only £47 for a 3 day VIP ticket I was fully expecting to be sold to from the stage.

People who are that rich don’t work for £15 a day!

But in fact, that’s kinda why I went.

You see, the guys speaking at this event are not small business owners. They are very successful multi-millionaires who have made their money through selling to people like you and me. I wanted to watch the masters at work.

Over the 3 days there were 12 speakers including Serial Entrepreneur Nigel Botterill, Infusionsoft Founder Clate Mask and the hugely successful info marketer from the USA, Ryan Deiss.

But one speaker really stood out. A man named Andy Harrington.

Now, you may have never heard of him before. I hadn’t. But you need to look him up because what this man was incredible.

In fact, it was probably the best on-stage sales pitch I have ever seen.

Within just 90 minutes he had grabbed the flagging audience’s attention (these days are pretty long and full on) and got them so excited about his product (a public speaking course) that when he made his offer at the end of the pitch, people were literally running on to the stage to buy it.

Now, I’m not sure for certain, but based on the price of his offer and the number of people up on the stage filling in his order form, I’d hazard a guess that he made approx. £150,000 of sales in that 90 minute slot.

£150,000 in 90 minutes! That’s insane.

So how did he do it?

It’s quite simple really.

He used his words to connect with and engage his audience. He tapped in to what his audience really wanted, how they felt, what they needed and then sold them the dream.

He gave them some ‘little wins’ (simple strategies that you could use right away), to build trust and get them excited and then he followed all this up with a killer offer and a very tight deadline.

Can you see where I am going with this now?

He did exactly what you should be doing with every piece of your copy, in every marketing campaign, every email you send and every sales pitch you put in front of your prospects.

If you can really get to know your prospects and use your copy to get them excited, sell them the dream and create a burning desire for what you have to offer then success is just a sales letter away.

If you can’t? Well that’s what we’re here for… Just ask.



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