Email marketing is still the single most powerful way to make more money from your business. 

Sure, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, TikTok or YouTube can all bring you more leads. But how do you turn those leads into customers? 


Yeah, you’ll get some who will convert on the page. But how do turn that one-hit wonder into a customer that keeps coming back? 


How do you take cold prospects who have downloaded your lead magnet and turn them into paying customers or even raving fans? 


What about your existing customers? How do you keep them close and nurture that relationship you’ve built with them? 

No prizes for guessing the answer. 

Email marketing is a wonderfully versatile, hugely rewarding and highly profitable marketing tool – and most businesses are doing it wrong.

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do

One Strategy To Rule Them All

Ok, I’m not a Lord of The Rings Fan, I’m Harry Potter through and through, but there’s a tendency in marketing to think that email marketing is simple. 

That there’s just one way to do it and if you’re sending emails to your list then that’s the email marketing checkbox ticked. 

But that’s wrong. 

There’s tons of different ways to use email marketing in your business, a hundred different strategies and about a million “experts” out there all willing to take thousands of pounds from you to tell you “the one right way” to do it. 

The truth is, there’s many ways you can be using email in your business. 

Some will work for you, some won’t. Some will make you hundreds of thousands of pounds, some will fall flat on their face. 

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do

So how do you know which types of email marketing to prioritise in your business? I can’t tell you that, because the answer is two very frustrating words… 

It depends. 

The email marketing you should do in your business will depend on your business, your services, your budget, your goals, your target market, your timescale… the list goes on. 

But that said, there are three types of email marketing that will work for pretty much any business and they’re at the heart of everything we do, whether I’m consulting for a client or we’re managing their whole email marketing in our done for you service

If you’re wondering where to start with email marketing, these strategies are for you… 

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do


Onboarding, Seinfeld Sequence, autoresponders, indoctrination automation… this type of email campaign has many names but it’s all got the same purpose: to welcome new subscribers, start to build trust and introduce them to your story, products and services. 

This email sequence can be set up once, then automated to run every time a new subscriber joins your list. You’d usually run it when someone opts into your list, but isn’t making a direct enquiry. So when they download your ebook, sign up to a webinar or whatever lead bait you’re offering. 

Your indoctrination sequence needs to start immediately, be interesting, engaging and move fairly fast. It should help them get to know you, your story and then offer them something they can buy from you.

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do


Nurture emails (also called weekly emails) have a totally different purpose, use and strategy – to fill up your love cup. 

Think of it this way, every prospect and customer has a cup that’s just for you. Every time you have an interaction with them, you’re either adding to the cup or emptying it. 

When your customer’s love cup is full they know you, like you and trust you. And as we all know, people have to know, like and trust you if they’re going to hand you their hard-earned cash! 

When you stay in touch, provide value, let them get to know little snippets about your personal life, entertain, inspire or solve problems for your prospects, you fill up the cup. 

When you sell to them or ask them for something (like a review or a survey) then you empty the cup. 

Your nurture emails keep your prospect’s love cups full so that when you decide to run an offer or send a sales campaign, they’re primed and ready to buy. 

But that’s not all a nurture campaign does. It also educates your prospects, overcomes objections and keeps you top of mind for those customers who just aren’t ready to purchase yet. 

How frequently should you send your nurture emails? It’s that annoying answer again – it depends! But most of our clients have weekly emails, with some needing every other week and some benefiting more from 2-3 emails per week. 

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do


And finally, the third point in the triangle. Your sales campaigns. 

Sales emails are a whole different breed once again. They’re designed to do one thing and one thing only – to sell. 

Now, you might be thinking “Aha! Yes! That’s what I want. I’ll just do sales emails!” 

But that really doesn’t work. 

If you keep hitting a list with sales series after sales series without giving anything back, you’ll empty the love cups! You’ll piss people off and they’ll soon stop buying. 

Your sales emails should be integrated into a complete email strategy that includes some indoctrination and nurture campaigns if you want the best results. 

Writing sales copy is a pretty tough job to do – that’s why copywriters get paid the big bucks

You’ve got to be able to connect with the reader, meet them where their head’s at, convince them they want what you’re selling, overcome their objections (of which there will be many) and get them to put their hand in their pocket and give you their cash. 

Offers are super important. Make them time-limited or restrict your numbers to add an element of FOMO – and don’t forget your deadlines! If people don’t have to take action NOW then they won’t. 

3 Types of Email Marketing Every Business Should Do

Need A Little Help With Your Email Marketing? 

Yeah, I hear ya. It’s all a little much. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re struggling with your email marketing, I can help. I can consult, creating a fully bespoke email marketing strategy for your business or we can implement and manage your campaigns too with our done for you service. 

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