It’s simple. Email marketing remains to be one of the best ways to bag more sales.

Move aside painful social media algorithms and undefined audiences! Email marketing is an incredible tool that lets you put yourself in front of your target market with ease, and its potential ROI is huge, bringing you an average of £36 pounds for every £1 spent.

Who would want to pass that up, right? 

And with email users in 2021 exceeding 4.1 billion, this isn’t something you can afford to mess up.

The sad truth, however, is that many businesses take it on themselves.

And it’s not always pretty.

In fact, it can be a downright car crash.

Do better than them, and learn from these top 5 mistakes of email marketing.

1: Not Nurturing

If all you do is sell to your marketing list, you’re losing em.

In fact, you’ve already lost them.

You might get a few warm leads, maybe a sale. Maybe two. Phwoar, look at you!

In reality, email marketing works best when you combine both nurture AND sales strategies. Strategy is key. Regular nurture emails build the relationship you have with your client so that when you do choose to sell, they want to buy from you. 

Give them valuable, high-quality content and entertaining stories and you might add something to their boring, busy day. If they know you, trust you, and even like you, they’re primed and ready to buy.

Not Nurturing

2. Not Emailing Frequently Enough

I hear it all the time from my clients. And I get it. I do.

You don’t want to annoy your email list.

But do you know what?

Not emailing frequently enough WILL DO MORE DAMAGE. They’ll forget who you are!

Click. There goes your email. Straight into spam.

But turn up in their inbox every Thursday afternoon with an interesting story and they’ll recognise and appreciate you.

3. Crap Subject Line

If no one actually opens your email, what’s the point? Don’t waste your precious time putting an epic sales email together BECAUSE  IF IT ISN’T BEING READ, you’re not gaining anything.

35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone.

35%! The subject line is a headline. It needs to capture attention and make the reader want in.

Be succinct, not fluffy. Leave a little to the imagination, but not too much. Promise value, and stand out in a crowded inbox. Let intrigue be your friend.

Notice what’s been grabbing YOUR attention recently. (Careful. Plagiarism is a no-no. Everyone knows that).

Want to learn more about writing great subject lines? Check out my previous blog post “How to Write Subject Lines that Get Opened”.

How To Write Emails That Get Opened

4. Not Cleaning Your List

A dirty list contains email addresses that aren’t working or aren’t actively engaging with your emails. Trust me, we don’t want these people.

Dirty lists push down open rates and supress deliverability, as email clients will deem your content less important.

Anxious about removing people? If there was ever an argument for quality over quantity, this would be it. Uninterested people are not customers.  

Housekeeping, people! A tidy list is a tidy mind. (Definitely not a tidy house in my case… have you tried working full time and home-educating your kids?)

Implement a simple process to remind you to regularly keep on top of those numbers.

Read up on the benefits of deleting people on my blog post “Email Deliverability: How a Dirty List Affects Your Results and What To Do About It

Dirty List

5. Crap Content

Hands up if you’re overloaded with spam every day.

Urgh. Nope, definitely didn’t ask for the story about the first time you tried curried pineapple. I just want the damn recipe.

We are oversold and overmarketed to Every. Single. Day.

You have to stand out.

If a customer feels they’ve wasted their valuable time on your email, do you think they’ll bother with the next one? 

It’s as simple as that. 

Give them the good stuff.

So there you go. 

Efficient and successful email marketing is a learned skill. Planning a nurture email strategy is vital.

Sure, anyone can learn how to do it.

But don’t want to? Haven’t got time? Want results fast?

Suck it up and pay an expert. We know what we’re doing.

Book a call with us and let’s get to work.



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