When I first started email marketing many years ago I was worried that I’d piss people off.

I was worried that they might not like what I have to say or they might unsubscribe from my list!

But I soon realised that I was wrong.

There was no MIGHT about it. Unsubscribes are inevitable.

Especially if you’re creating good content…

“Woah! Hold up there! Did you just say that GOOD content will make people unsubscribe? That can’t be right?”

I sure did.

You see, good content is colourful. It’s opinionated and personal. It connects with your IDEAL customer and repels those who are not a good fit for you or your product.

You don’t need to please all of the people all of the time – in fact, you don’t ever need to please all of the people – only the right ones.

Fear of unsubscribes can really fuck up your marketing.

It can make you procrastinate, prevent you from hitting the send button – or worse – make you send boring beige content that connects with no one! Yuk!

Content marketing is all about building relationships. You use your emails, blogs and social media content to connect with the reader and let them get to know you.

They can’t get to know you if you’re too afraid to put yourself out there.

And if they don’t know you – they can’t like you. And if they don’t like you – they won’t buy from you.


So what can you do about it?

Get over yourself. Stop people-pleasing and start sharing what you KNOW your customers need in their lives – with a little sprinkle of what makes you, well, you.

Take this blog as an example; 

I’ve been ALL of me in it. I’ve been direct, to the point and I dropped the F-Bomb. I’ve even got a Marvel meme in here…

If my directness, quirkiness or unsavoury language doesn’t work for you – then working with me won’t work for you either.

But, if you like simple, straight-talking and easy, actionable advice then I can really help you push your business forward.

So how do you know if your content is going to connect with the right audience and repel the wrong people?

It all comes down to understanding your target market. I mean REALLY understanding what makes them tick. And working out the words they need to hear to convert them into a paying customer.

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