Never underestimate the power of the written word.

We’ve been trying to move house for AGES. We rent – mostly because I can’t stay still for two minutes (it’s the wanderlust inside me, I need new surroundings).

I like renting. If the boiler breaks it’s not my problem and – normally – if I want to move house it’s quick and easy to do! No chains. No remortgaging.

But this time it was not so easy.

We’ve been looking for a house since June. Thanks to the lockdown and general uncertainty in the UK the rental market is SLOW. Weeks would go by with nothing new on Rightmove.

Last week the perfect house popped up. It had everything we wanted AND it was less than our maximum budget.

We viewed it and fell in love immediately. I needed that house.

But there was a problem.

Because the market is so painfully slow, there’s a lot of people all applying for the same houses. Some properties have had 80 applicants!

Just having good references, a great credit score and enough income wasn’t enough. We needed the landlord to choose us over everyone else.

So I did what I do best.

I wrote.

I handed our application in with a killer cover letter that basically “sold” us as the very best tenants for the house.

And less than 24 hours we got the call to say YES. The house is ours.

But what’s this got to do with you? Everything.

You see, sales letters are much undervalued these days. They’ve been shoved to side while email marketing and social media takes centre stage. But there’s still a HUGE amount of power in a real “hold it in your hand” paper sales letter.

It can convince your prospects to become customers, your clients to buy again – or a landlord to choose you first!

Do you use sales letters in your marketing?



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